Children from the 80’s, CTRL Z grew up in a period of technological and informatics innovations that influenced his artistic compositions. Immersed in electronic music, he is inspired by those musical movements and ads other eclectic influences from his past.

His musical project was built around CTRL-Z entity, nickname from his own first name and a reference to geek culture. The project grows up and evolves and pushes the thought about the dialogue between machines and humans. His spiritual and technological trials are his inspirations. Guided by sounds he creates intentionally or not, he stays alert to the unexpected.

Composing is giving the artist the opportunity to escape, mixing fictive to real places, letting him sail between several moods. All these various aspects are giving vigorous music swinging between shadow and lights. The artist navigates like a free electron in a hybrid and versatile universe with the intensity as guiding thread.

Moreover CTRL-Z gives a particular attention to visuals, making the image his trademark. Visuals that know an evolution as the album are released. His scenography is the fusion between those two creations: music and immersive pictures. The challenge is to make the public dance, carrying him in a cyber-universe with ethnical colors.

Choose Your Destiny, music video were you are the hero

The planet’s resources are reducing each year as the human population is growing up even more. The climate emergency is stated, everyone has to take responsibility et become the hero who will save every living beings. Are you ready to coexist with your world or auto-destruct humanity ? Will you make the right choice ? 

“If you want to save the planet, you only have two choices left, love or kill yourself.”

Official release on October 23rd 2020
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Choose your Destiny – crédit vidéo Aaron Benjamin

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CTRL-Z gives us a two ends music video placing human and his behaviour in the very heart of actuals planet’s questioning. Here, the audience is writing his own destiny and the destiny of humanity. The artist is inspired by the “Gamebooks”, where the protagonist wanders in labyrinths and regularly has to choose his destiny represented by doors to walk out. 

The track was made from the acknowledgement that Human Being is colonising more and more space to the detriment of other living beings on a planet where the Earth Overshoot arrives earlier each year. 

He concludes that Humanity still has to learn to live in symbiosis with nature and suggests a modification of ways of living. Everyone has to take responsibility for its behavior and acts, or pay the price. 

Choose your destiny.

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New album in progress

Angel Futuropia, first extract from the next album

Angel Futurotopia – first extract from the next album
Official release on 2021 – DO NOT SHARE

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